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Yearly Break – Temporary Shipping Delays

Quick Version: All shipments beyond 6:30pm EST on 7/15/2021 will be delayed. We will resume shipping on 7/26/2020. During this time our team will be out of office.

Use code DELAY1521 for 15% off during this time as our way to make this a “win/win” for all involved.

Full Explanation:

We are a customer centric business. The only thing we value as much as you – our customers – is our team.

Last year during the COVID-19 pandemic our team worked extremely hard and gave a ton of flexibility to meet demands during a crazy year. To reward everyone and trying to avoid straining the team during vacation times we agreed on a week where we would shut down and give all staff a fully paid vacation.

This worked out incredibly well. Lots of you took advantage of a discount and we got orders shipped quickly upon return and back on schedule shortly after the vacation with all hands on deck.

Additionally, during a time where businesses everywhere are having trouble keeping employees – we’ve continued to keep our team happy. They’ve stuck with us and helped create a safe and awesome environment to work in every day. So we decided to continue this practice for 2021.

Our team will be out of the office between 7/17/2021 until 7/24/2021.

We will then be catching up on shipping and resuming the normal shipping schedule (one business day) after that.

As we know this isn’t ideal for everyone – to try and make it a “win/win” we’re offering a 15% off coupon code to all customers who have a delayed order. Use code DELAY1521 at checkout.